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        Talent concept

        Tairui talent concept

        To attract talented people, nurture talent, develop talent, provide excellent talents with excellent development platform.
        Talent principle:
        Strict and wide, strengthened internal competition.
        We need criteria:
        Company will, follow the culture; good moral character, with a sense of responsibility; loyal and trustworthy, loving; ability to work, and problem-solving; passion for enterprising, creative, good at learning and efficient implementation.
        Talents of our criteria:
        Leading professional competence, outstanding communication and collaboration; the big picture to the company as a whole, focusing on development, small himself in his work, coupled with global; learnt, unruly, whether by law, creative work continuing to create value for the company.
        Talent from the moral standards:
        Devotion: love, hard, clear understanding of their responsibilities, can best take action to complete the task.
        Responsible for: with a sense of mission, responsibility, and devoted himself to the work, for the failures and shortcomings in the work, to be willing to take responsibility.
        Honesty: honesty is treating others with sincerity, letter of credit, integrity requires employees to keep the peace at work-friendly work atmosphere, serious and pragmatic, and honor its commitments, do not go back on one’s Word.
        Professional: with solid expertise, ability to provide expertise, capable of mastering the work methods and techniques for specific operations.
        Execution: the delivery or area of responsibility for leadership, be able to form a specific goal and work out specific operational action programme, effective organization of all kinds of resources, achieve goals.
        Teamwork: as a member of the team, team principal.